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Competition Schedule & Events '04

Completed Events:  
December 31-January 1: 5th Annual Wild Pig & Pepper Jam, Gator Hammock, Felda FL
KCBS Florida State Championship
    12th Place Overall (24 Teams)
    8th Place Chicken
    8th Place Brisket
    2nd Place Chili
Notes: Amy, Tammy, Tim & I traveled down to Felda for this New Years Eve Cookoff. I'm hoping we'll make it an annual tradition; I had lots of fun and hope they did too. Pig Pals (GC), (RC),, Smokin' Triggers, plus lots of other good teams were there. This was a contest where I really thought I had put out some of my best bbq to date. Everything was on schedule for once, my boxes looked really good (for me), and I had a really good feeling. Apparently the Judges didn't agree ;). Although I was able to keep the streak alive: two medals for the two 8th places. The high point of the weekend was the 2nd Place in Chili that Tammy & Tim made! It beat out some seasoned Chili-Heads' entries, and tasted awesome; great job guys!!

November 19 & 20: Plant City Pig Jam, Plant City FL
KCBS Florida State Championship
    11th Place Overall (37 Teams)
    3rd Place Brisket
    Notes: Once again I had some great help from my Swamp Boy Teammates on Saturday selling BBQ. Cathy & her son Eli were a big help in the morning, & they were later joined by Tammy & Amy who sold in the afternoon. All of the teams reported slow sales, but it wasn't for a lack of trying on my team's part. I really appreciate your efforts & support guys!
    It was a very nice contest with at least 4 nationally ranked teams entered. I'm very proud of my 3rd place finish in Brisket. Having come in 3rd place in each of the 2 main BBQ Sanctioning bodies in FL (FBA, KCBS) in their State Championships, I have the highest combined score in Brisket in the 2 contests. So I'm going to proclaim myself the "Overall FL State Champion" in Brisket for 2004 ;^). Kind of has a nice ring to it, huh? Anyway, my chicken has improved, I'm still in a slump with ribs, and the Judges did not like my pork. But it's been a proven winner for me, so I'm not changing a thing. 
    I was approached by a potential sponsor for the upcoming season, so stay tuned. I still have a need for a sponsor to help me take this to the next level, which is qualifying for the American Royal Invitational. Now is the time to get on board.

November 16th: Winter Haven Stingrays Annual Banquet
Party, served 150.

November 9: Hope Presbyterian Creative School's Fall Fest
BBQ pulled pork Dinners and BBQ by the pound for sale, served 200 people.

October 29 & 30: Minneola Fall Fest, Minneola FL
FBA Florida State Championship
    2nd Place Pork
    3rd Place Brisket
    Swamp Boys BBQ Team & Catering - 7th Place Overall (27 Teams)
    Notes: This was the Swamp Boys first FBA
Cookoff. Had some great help on Saturday from my wife Amy, and best friends Robin, Tammy & Tim. These folks sold the heck out of some BBQ & corn! Without my Teammates help, a lot of this would not be possible. Thanks you guys; you're the best.
    Lots of big name teams again, including 2 (Jack's Old South GC, RGC) that just competed in the American Royal Invitational and the Jack Daniels World Champion Invitational. My goal for this cook season, which is just starting, is to qualify for the American Royal Invitational. To do this, I have to win a State Championship. This was my first shot at it. I'm upset with myself on my chicken. I think I had a top 10 entry, but I got busy vending and let it dry out. It came in 19th place, which I thought was generous of the Judges. My ribs tasted good, but didn't look so great. They placed 20th. If I can get these 2 categories up into the top 10, and stay consistent in Pork and Brisket, my goal is a possibility. I was feeling lots of love during the awards ceremony from the other team I compete with, The Dixie Boys. My "dad & 2 brothers from other mothers" ran up & joined me up front on my 2 calls with hugs and high fives. Thanks for making it special guys, that meant a lot. Overall, I'm ecstatic with Pork & Brisket, and know I need to really improve and get my priorities in line with chicken and ribs. 
*Also was interviewed and taped for a Food Show to be aired at a later date. I'll post when I know when it will be on.

October 16: Lord of Life Church October Fest
Cooked and served the pulled pork for this Plant City church event.

August 18 & 19: Hurricane Charley Relief for Arcadia
The FBA put a call out to it's members for help in barbecuing large quantities of meats down in Arcadia. They had been hit pretty hard, and many were still without power, food, & water. Since school was closed, I was able to go down & cook. Smoked up 2 cases of butts, 6 cases of pork loins, & 4 pans of baked beans. Roughly 3,000 people have been fed daily, with 3 free hot meals a day being handed out. 
Pictures here.

August 6 & 7: Dillard Bluegrass & Barbeque Festival
KCBS Georgia State Championship
    25th Place Overall (51 Teams)
    5th Place
- Cabbage
    8th Place - Anything But
    Notes: Many of the hottest teams in the country - World, National, & State Champions - were there, including Jack's Old South, Pig Pounda Kappa,, Music City Pig Pals (RGC), (GC), B.S. Pitmeister, to name a few. My goal was to place in the top half of the field, which I just barely did. My high score was in Brisket (17th place). A beautiful setting in the mountains of N. Georgia, with cool temperatures. Buddy drove over from AL & helped me out as dishwasher and greens man. My self-proclaimed "BBQ Groupies" came by to visit, and I was able to get them to try some more pork, brisket, and chicken. They are always great confidence boosters, and I appreciate them coming out.

July 16 & 17: 4th Annual South Carolina Festival of Discovery
KCBS South Carolina State Championship
    14th Place - Overall (23 Teams)
    4th Place
- Chicken
       1st Place - People's Choice (Big "THANKS!" to Vicky & Mike of SC for making this win possible!)
    Notes: Very HOT! Very nice town with super friendly people. I met Mike & Vicky Friday night, and they came back Saturday & pretty much took over my People's Choice/vending sales. Without their help, I seriously doubt I would have won 1st place in PC. I still owe each of them a Swamp Boys T-shirt (PAID). This is where my "Groupies" first showed up. ;^)

July 4: 1st Annual All-American Tiger-Q Invitational, Lakeland FL
2 Categories:
Chicken, Ribs
    2nd Place
- Chicken
     3rd Place - Ribs
     1st Place - People's Choice
    Swamp Boys BBQ Team & Catering - Reserve Grand Champion
    Notes: A very hot, but well-organized contest. My family came over and my wife Amy sold a *bunch* of BBQ sandwiches. Fireworks were great, and my youngest (4) Jenna had a lot of fun helping Daddy cook barbecue. She especially loved going out onto the field with me to get our trophies. Those were great moments. Second of 2 contests for me in 3 days, both solo. Ended up with a GC and a RGC. I'm happy!

July 2 & 3, 2004: BBQ By The Lake, Lake Alfred FL
3 Categories:
Chicken, Ribs, Pork
    1st Place -
    1st Place -
    2nd Place -
    Swamp Boys BBQ Team & Catering - Grand Champion
    Notes: Rainy Friday night. HOT Saturday. A lady passed out from the heat in my cook site Saturday afternoon. Very small, well-run, first time event. No trophies unfortunately, but there was prize money. Beautiful setting right on the lake. I'm looking forward to this being an annual event. First of 2 contests for me this weekend; Grand Champion!

April 27, 2004: Roosevelt Academy "1st Annual PorkFest".
    Fund raiser for Roosevelt Academy. Over 170 pounds of Pulled Pork sold, raising just over $1,000.00.

April 16 - 17, 2004: Mosquito County Barbeque Society's 4th Annual  Spring BBQ Contest.
Swamp Boys BBQ Team  first entry as a "Professional".
    2nd Place "People's Choice" in Pork
Notes: Didn't do so well in the KCBS categories and learned a valuable lesson: Don't leave home without your sauce.

April 15, 2004: Cater Roosevelt Academy's FFA Banquet, private party.

March 27, 2004: Sunshine Foundation Dream Makers Run.
Swamp Boys vended at this charity fundraiser, selling pulled pork sandwiches and barbecued chicken.

February 21, 2004: Lake Wales Mardi Gras.
    Under our school's (Roosevelt Academy)  BBQ Team name "Rosie's Mystic Bar-B-Krewe", we sold A LOT of barbecue pork sandwiches,  ribs, and roasted corn on the cob to the revelers as another fund raising effort.

January 29-31, 2004: The 8th Annual Lakeland Pig Festival
KCBS Florida State Barbecue Championship

    Swamp Boys BBQ Team & Catering - Grand Champion - Backyard Division - 42 Teams
    1st Place - Pork
    5th Place - Chicken
    5th Place - Ribs
    Notes: Being as this was just my first solo effort, I was just hoping to get my name called for any category, any place. You can imagine my disbelief when I took home 4 trophies, including Grand Champion. We also cooked & sold over 100 pounds in BBQ sandwiches as a fund raiser for my school.


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