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Hurricane Charley Hits Winter Haven FL

August 13, 2004
All pictures taken by Rub and are Copyrighted.
Email me at if you'd like to use one.


Beach before & after.JPG (159626 bytes)
This is a before and after picture of our beach area.
Porch before & after.JPG (186912 bytes)
A before and after of our back porch area.
P8140117.JPG (91295 bytes)
An oak tree fell on my pit; it survived, the oak did not.
P8140118.JPG (79428 bytes)
Another view of my pit. The empty trailer was a boat trailer.
aP8140127.jpg (88868 bytes)
This oak stood probably 40-50' tall, and was on the edge of our property.
aP8130099.jpg (38615 bytes)
A view to my neighbor's back yard. Notice the oak in the center, background has begun listing to the right. 
aaP8150161.jpg (55217 bytes)
Neighbor's tree afterwards.
aP8140122.jpg (52930 bytes)
Alt.27.jpg (39228 bytes)
Several large oaks down near Mountain Lake.
CGRd.jpg (44404 bytes)
It's hard to tell from this shot, but that is a huge oak blocking the road which goes straight ahead.


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